She's gone forever, I messed up. It really is my fault this time. I miss her, it's been 8 months apart now and it's not getting better, I miss her so much. There aren't enough fish in the sea, she was the one, I loved her and I still do.

I'll keep pushing though, and continue to live my life. I just wanted to let someone know that I miss her and it's unbearable. I have to get to a better place, whether she comes back or not. We do not talk much anymore, I wanna let her know I miss her, don't know if that's good for me or not.
Quiet the noises
And leave your ears free to hear
What is going on,
Right Here.

Do not cower in fear
For when the morning rays mate with the leaves
Through your eyes it will be clear,
That there was actually nothing to fear.