To all who care, but I guess Jay most of all,

Thank you for putting the topic out there. Like Jude I am in AA and my higher power is God. Can I make recovery without God. Sure. All I have to do is think about plants. I am dependent on them for my oxygen. I can not make my own oxygen. Would simply the symbiotic experience of nature be a sufficient source to offer me help to believe I can recover. Sure.

The most important thing for me to understand is the God does not check out the children of earth to select some for sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault, and debilitating trauma. He gave people free will. (I don't think that was one of God's best ideas- but he doesn't take my advise). Some people with free will will violate anybody and anything to get their desires met.

God sure didn't tell anyone to violate other people for their own selfish desires.

I have to admit I have not found faith unnecessary for me when I started recovery. However, I have had stretches of time when He was irrelevant to my recovery. You know, like when my son got his throat slit, and survived because the knife missed his jugular by 1/2 inch.

We all have different stories, but we all are just the same.

May the Lord Bless you and Keep you and Grant you Peace (His most precious gift) Amen.