I am 57 years old, and have no memories of childhood until age 12. For the last three months I have been seeing a T, and he uses the IFS approach, which is very good for me and PTS. Frequently when practising IFS, my younger part, has been hyper sexual, but this part is only eight years old? Strange...

Anyway, to help remember my past, I went through an old box that contained stuff from when I was a child. I found a postcard:

Post mark stamp: April 2, 1967 (I was twelve)
Dear John:

I did not have time for a letter so here is another card of my home. I hope to see you on Sunday at the meeting.
Keep the faith
(He only signed his first name, I will blank it to protect the innocent or guilty)

The postcard was from a Monestary, a picture of the house from
Holy Family Monestary, Retreat House, and Seminary- he underlined seminary.

Why did I receive a postcard from someone studying to be a priest. He only signed his first name, so I googled it and found a priest, ordained in 1970 (right time frame) was accused of CSA in my state, which is MA. The picture was a younger version of him, and something said "yup, I know him, and what he looks like (without clothes). Honestly it could be my active imagination???
I have no memory of it, but something sounds right in temrs of fragmented memories, I am excited and afraid that this could help me or remind me of HELL.