I figured something like this would be fun and much needed. I'm starting this thread as a place to share stories from our youth that we laugh about or brag about. Humor is your friend. Humor likes friends. XD

Anyway I have a couple to start off with. My first is pretty hilarious (though I don't think THEY thought so) but please keep an open mind about my "birth defect".

Ok so it was summer and mom took the troop camping. And yes, it was girl scouts... Anyway, I decided that my toy snake Slither wanted to come with too. This shake looks real as hell so unless you got a close look at it you wouldn't tell it was fake. Well, the girls were gathered around looking and giggling at something that I never knew what it was and I ran to my tent and came back waving the fake snake in the air shouting "hey look I found a snake! I found a snake!" The girls then screamed like banshees and ran off in different directions. I chased a few of them until mom saw what I was up to. I got in trouble and the rest of the troop hated me, but the hilarity was worth it at the time XD.

Yeah, I was a brat. So my next story is my all time fave. Best fishing day ever!

Grandpa took me and dad fishing down on some river shore one day. Nice, warm day too. Few clouds but otherwise sunny. A bit towards the time we left I caught a fish and was reeling it in when grandpa said he too caught a fish. We both swear up and down we got the two hugest fish in the river and completely disregard that we are having an incredibly easy time reeling our fish in. When we pull our lines up we suddenly realize that there's only one fish, and two hooks in its mouth. LOL grandpa and I caught the same fish at the same time. This one definitely DIDN'T get away XD. Grandpa said it was a northern Pike, but itbwas too small by a bit to eat. We let it go.

So that's my fishing story and brat brag. I have a story of how I accidentally caught a fish. Ill tell that later.
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