If it helps to hear another voice repeat it, dw, kids simply don't come equipped with adult perspective. They're busy being kids. Your brain's already got it. Eventually it will sink in. And I congratulate you on sharing all this.

Here's a tool that's helped me connect with Little Lancer's frame of mind (my absolute fave):

Some of us have found it easier to connect with our little selves by remembering a favorite toy or stuffed animal. Threads like that, complete with pix, come up here from time to time and it's...well...joyful. In my case, I've sometimes actively sought them out on eBay just to have something tangible. Here's one:

I'm not trying to whitewash. And I have times when, looking at those reminders of innocence, I'm raging mad at the bastard - my high school guidance counselor - who stole it. But, in some sense, I may be one of the lucky ones because I actually have those reminders, some of them tangible. Not all of us do.