Last nite I had a nightmare!! I've not had one in a while, (due to dont sleeping). But since I got a new girlfriend, she makes me sleep! But half way throught the night I had one, and in my sleep lashed out hitting her, and the wall, which woke me up! She was ok, no harm done! But it just scared the shit out of me! I'm gona share the nightmare with you, cause i just need to let it out! From what i can rember...

"There where wasps everywhere, and they kept flying at me, they where BIG wasps to, like Tennis balls (maybe Bigger)!! They all had the head/face of my perv. With thoue glasses on! I dont know where i got it from but there was a bat in my hand and i started trying to wacke em. But they where to fast and kept getting away, and then hitting me. I was helpless, I couldnt do anything, no matter what i tryed they kept getting me!......"

Then i hit the wall and woke up! To see my Gf looking at me, saying whats wrong! And all i could say was "I FUCKING HATE WASPS".


If your not livin on the edge your taking up to much space!