Had a couple additional thots this morning. And these are general guidelines that have worked for me:

One is if I indicate I'm fatigued, just respect that. Don't tell me "it's not that bad." I know my body better than you do. I know when I'm fatigued. I know what to do...especially if I don't want it to get worse.

Another is IF he's open to it, yes, talk about your feelings, too. Not that you brother is necessarily like me, but it helps me to know what other people are feeling and thinking. (And it's not unlike discussing your CSA or ASA with someone who's open to discussing it). In his case, sharing your own story may be a common starting point...but only bits at a time.

Since I DO love talking about myself - lol...no shit! - one thing I've found helpful is when someone asks me to explain about HIV, how it works, what the numbers mean, etc. I'm flattered that someone is interested enuf to ask.

Finally, another personal experience, he may not be open to an HIV support group. We have one here that's AWFUL. But participation is HIS decision.