I understand. I knew God. But I didn't trust Him and I didn't understand or feel His love. Although I pretended, I couldn't see, hear Him or feel Him through it. But I was wrong. I see it now. Clarity brought about by standing on the street in front of the scene of the crime(s) with my best friend confronting the abuse 40 years later, determined to move on. I encountered Him there. Seek Him. As you draw close He will heal you. He is the way, truth and life.

Know that peace isn't something that falls on us ... or that we find. We're told to pursue peace. You won't find peace withouth God. Ask Him to reveal himself. He will. His love never fails. Never. I know that now. Only then can you engage in that supernatural exchange of pain and adversity for peace and joy. You can. You will. It's possible. He promises and He is above all else ... faithful. Find a church with sound Bible teaching. Get in the word. Pray for wisdom, discernment and healing. Pray in agreement with your wife, friend, family member and/or therapist. Anyone and everyone. Know that what He promises He delivers. He'll deliver you.

He delivered me.