If you are healing is it possible that the harvest is coming in? The things we seek from God come at different times and stages. He has walked with you the whole time. One must realize everything He does is for purpose and reason we do not understand when we are going through the trials why and sometimes never fully understand , but this does not negate the fact he is in control.

Also it does not sound like your were growing at this church . If you are not being fed and your spirit is not being fed than why continue to go ? It bothers me when people think they have to attend because there family attended as if that is the only place that works. The place you may need to grow is somewhere else . This is not a bad thing this is a good thing to go and be fed somewhere that will actually do you good .

Staying stagnate is not an option one must continue to grow and draw near to God and the more you do this the closer your relationship will be and the more he will reveal to you.

Also people have so watered down the REAL gospel it is sickening . They have erased God and molded him into their lives and lifestyles . Instead of allowing God to mold them into his way and will . If that makes sense. They have taken the wrath out cause well that will drive people away they have taken the hard lessons out because well people will stop bringing their money . And most of all they have stop telling the truth Thus sayeth the lord because well people might have to change.

Hope this helps sorry to break the news but it is not all about you it is about Gods will and plan for your life . I have no choice but to be honest and if that does not work for you either than i guess that you can just dismiss this also

Peace and blessing to you brother
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