I do not have the additional information you seek. You do raise some interesting points. I know the 8 year old girl in this case and she is a sweet girl. The rapist physically held her down while he performed sexual acts on her. She weighs just over 50 lbs. He weighs around 150. She pleaded with him to stop. She told him "No' and "Stop" while he was doing what he did. She is in second grade. He is in high school.

I do not know as much about the details of what happened with the 12 year old boy. I do know the boy objected and told the rapist "No."

Might he have a history of sexual abuse before he did this? It is certainly possible but I have no way of knowing. Even if he did, I do not think that justifies what he did. Even 3 year olds understand the word "No." and "stop." This guy is 15.

While there may be extenuating circumstances that I am no aware of, if he is not convicted, he will be sent back to the same environment he came from, which is the environment that fostered his behavior toward those children. Also, if he is being abused himself, when sent back to the same environment, his abuse will likely continue. If he is convicted, being he is so young, he will likely have therapy and other resources offered to him.

lbcali: Thank you so much for your support. We, as a society, need to do everything we can to stop the perpetrators of abuse. I am trying to get justice for the ones he has already abused and prevent any further abuse. God bless you for helping.