We'll skip "butch" only because it's one of those unachievable goals and not related to the meds. laugh

Monthly draw today. Results from last month's draw weren't as dramatic, plateaued essentially. Still undetectable. CD4 from 97 to 101, % from 4.9% to 4.8%. Of course it's better than where I started and I feel considerably better. Nevertheless, dammit, I was disappointed. Caveat, it's only one draw and I'm only 2 months into the study.

The study coordinator shared with me they have one guy who after years of this, can't get above 156 on his CD4. More importantly, he feels fine, taking into account he started this in single digits. I started in low double digits. There's a psychological "goal" I've had in mind of eventually seeing numbers in the 200-300 range (10%-20%) and, at the moment, I guess it's to be expected I'm feeling discouraged. Knowing me, however, it'll pass.

On a lighter note, I mentioned during the appt. about my muscle mass and that I was getting my tits back, which, historically, everyone has loved. The study coordinator - love this guy's humor - then added, "And that's what got you here, right?" smirk

Together with the blond hair, it got me a lot of fucks trouble dates.