Hi everyone,
BHAfan here. I'm 58 years old, been married 35 years, with 2 grown up children. Whem I was 8 years old I was sexually abused be my male cousin, then at 13 sexually abused by a near neighbour. These events have been kept secret by me because they told me to, till about 5 months ago. I told my wife after having to admit to an affair and several years of visiting prostitutes, and getting into huge debt.
I hope whilst here I may be able to help other survivors and /or their families, and need help to process whats happened to me. Up to this time I'm unable to be angry about the abuse. The only time I get angry is on the road, as in road rage.
My wife has stuck by me.
In these last months I have learnt about triggers and coping mechanisums.
I am undergoing therapy. Coming out about the abuse has been a great relief, but I didnt realise that so many others had suffered sexual abuse and that my past actions can be attributed to it, although if I had been able to talk to my wife or anyone else about it, life may been very different.
No doubt I will chat to some of you soon.
Regards to you all