Our designated driver backed out on us and we wound up not going. So, instead I wound up hanging out at my parents house for much of the day watching the Braves loose. I did get to play a little bit after we got home though. My brother's kinda-sorta boyfriend was over and he and I wound up throwing some bags. I still beat him but I was far from the top of my game. One, I'm out of practice and two, I had consumed almost an entire 12 pack of Sweetwater IPA as well as some Jager shots. Not to mention that I had been, um, celebrating 4/20 weekend appropriately. Being a little drunk and/or stoned does seem to help my cornhole game but I find there is a tipping point where it starts to go the other way.

Oh, btw, Sweetwater 420 is one of my favorite brews but their IPA is maybe my favorite beer of all. They also have a really good rye IPA called Low Ryeder that you may want to try if you haven't already. Peace,