I'm new here and hope I'm posting in the right place.

My husband has always been into SPH (small penis humiliation), cuckold fantasies, erotic humiliation, ect. When he first told me about all of this I was shocked as I had never been in a relationship with a man who shared these thoughts/fantasies with me. In the beginning I was very uncomfortable saying/doing some of the things he asked. However, over time I became more and more comfortable with this type of sexual play to the point where now...I think I'm pretty dam good at it.

Around 6 months ago my husband shared with me that he was violently sexually abused by his father from as early as he can remember until age 8. I am the first person he has EVER told. He's 43. At the time he told me I was strictly instructed that I may NEVER bring this subject up again....

As anyone reading this can imagine I have more questions than I can wrap my head around, but I will start with this one....

I fully understand that not every man who enjoys/desires erotic humiliation was a victim of CSA, but some are. For reasons I'd rather not get into I personally believe that in his specific situation there is absolutely a direct link between the two. However, I'm not 100% sure that he does.

At this point I'm fairly uncomfortable participating in this type of sexual play. If I do participate am I continuing to facilitate his sexual shame associated with his abuse? Has anyone here ever participated in this type of play....then after some type of therapy or recovery had negative feelings towards a partner who engaged in this with you?

Any advise, thoughts, or opinions greatly appreciated.