God is good as i sat in meditation this morning thanking God for being porn free for almost 2 years and what A relief that is . I began to realize while i still struggle with temptation it is a far better cry than having to deal with the teptation & the guilt of giving in than the extreme high of doing the deed and than the exteme low of falling yet again and the shame guilt and lrts not for get yhe condimnation of the enemy sceaming at me every chance he got . Telling me how unworthy i was now and how weak i am on and on and on .
Now all i deal with is the temptation and as i have grown stronger and have been able to realize the full armour of God is something Tangible that I can use in my everyday life And by the renewing of my mind by the word of God I have come along way and not being where are use to be.

My point is now that you have begun striving for his righteousness Instead of making excuses or compromising what the Spirit has truly revealed to you Only now can God be able to truly help you. Because you have come into the knowledge of truth and as long as you strive for this truth And do not accept compromise you will be able to eventually overcome. I cannot lie I used to do exactly what you're doing and sometimes catch myself still doing it. The difference is I Really strive not to go to full-blown fantasy mode.

Because you have to think about what you are thinking about. You have the power to cast out these thoughts you do not have to let them run wild. I used to think if I thought about something I had to keep thinking about it truth is you can cast those thoughts out and set your mind on higher things.

You have broken the stronghold of secrecy you have confessed now the enemy no longer has this power over you. The spirit has revealed it's true to you that it is in fact indeed adultery in your heart The problem is most people just dismiss this this is the spirit of God at work with In you revealing things that it wants to purge From your life.

This is a wonderful thing this means you are being conformed to the image of Christ. The Spirit is moving in you revealing things not of God to you. This is a good sign if you were not hating the sin you once loved and then I would be scared .

The best weapon is to renew your mind build your faith it may take years even but the more you renew your mind the stronger you will become. Yes I said it might even take years but it is your hungering and thirsting for righteousness that will ultimately lead you to be filled. God does not say exactly when you will be filled but you will be filled not because I said so but because the word of God says so.

I really struggled inward within myself over pornography for over nine years. But i kept hungering & thirsting for his Righteousness I was never satisfied with my sin I continued to hate the sin I once loved Therefore my deliverance came And so will yours if you continue on the path.
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