I don't really have a friend here yet, but everyone here seems nice. I thought this is the best place to post this. Maybe with others who have a good idea of this might have good advice.

Ok my father is not always the best support, but I still look up to him more than he may realize. I have told my parents in the past of things 'hat have happened, and also about me being transgender. Mom is supportive, but neither went well with my dad. It happened six times that they know of, but due to my father's reactions I'm scared to tell him about the seventh and what had led up to me losing my apartment.

I know my dad loves me, he just had a habit of being a hardass about life. I think I might have taken after that to a point. But when it comes to that part of my past, he acts like I should have been able to defend myself. I had tried, fear intervened. I feel like I failed him again..
If you cannot overcome the current, then let the current take you. Only one certainty is sure, that the future is unknown. the river may be harsh, but still obeys Life's laws. The rest is up to you