By no means do I mean to minimize the vulgarity of what this 15-year-old did. imo, 15-year-olds today are probably as clueless as I was at 15, when my CSA occurred. For one, absolutely no concept that actions have consequences.

I image, too, a lot of us would have liked to see our perps given the death sentence. But we don't operate that way in the States, despite SC's sometimes-questionable judicial reputation.

And there's a lot that's NOT disclosed in the petition request.

I don't see the exact terms of the offender's current sentencing. Treatment? Restitution? His background isn't specified. Familial abuse? I don't see whether sentence term is until he's 18 or 21 (a lot of emotional development can happen in that age range). Seems likely - provided SC law permits it - the families may seek significant civil penaltie$ against the kid's parents.

Not enough info for me to make a responsible judgment. I may be opening a can of worms, especially on MS, but frankly it's too vague for me. My 2.