@lancer, complements are not fun, but unfortunately it's a consequence of singing and just something I've had to learn to live with. i do not like complements,indeed one thing I really like about my teacher is that she rarely if ever complements me, "good!" from her is pretty much it, and that needs to be urned with a lot of work.

People's perceptions are equally not fun, and I can quite understand how those who know about your Hiv cannot just relax about it. I've spent a lot of time learning to get people over the "whaaa! he's blind" syndrome, and can usually manage it within a short time of talking to someone, however the people who said "you did very well" last night were not people I had that amount of time to work on. Plus of course, constantly having to convince people that I am a reasonable human being is a pain in the arse, for all I know I can do it.

@Husky, ironically, ameter musicians (at least in the world of light opera), especially very good, semi professional ameters I've found tend to be the most cleaque orientated, pushy bunch of people, indeed the professionals I've met have been far better. Ironically it's the same in the academic world, post graduates tend to be scumbags with their heads firmly up their own rear ends, while those who have gotten their masters or doctorate tend to be far more relaxed. it's probably a security thing.

what irritates me is that with music I'm constantly having to battle! people's prejudices, and I'm never sure on someone's comment since it's difficult to tell just from a casual remark, and mostly that was all I got. If a person said "how do you learn your music" or "how do you get on on stage" or even "I never knew you were visually impared" I can freely deal with and explain all those things, indeed I'm often glad to since it moes people's thinking forward, but if someone just judges without asking I'm stuck, and that's often what "you did very well" feels like, just like all those people who made up excuses about why i couldn't do something due to lack of working eyeballs.

I also do know in fairness I am very emotionally invested and wrapped up in my singing, so probably am! hyper sensative about the subject even over the prejudice I've had in the past, which likely doesn't help either.