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FYI - I skip over parents and teachers for many reasons but mainly:
- parents, in some cases like with H, need education
- teachers/administrators are in a work culture that hides perps and to me a culture like that is a perp unto itself

Haven't been on this thread in a while, but I'm glad you brought up the work culture. Particularly interesting - and discouraging - you've found it prevalent 40 years after my high school CSA.

The understanding I've achieved is that, like the CSA, much of it was about power. The perp had been one of the charter teachers and eventually became the head of the guidance dept. No underling would challenge his "activities" until it became so indiscreet and outrageous they had no choice but to fire him.

But, in that culture, there was no follow up with his victims. It was more like relief they could finally sweep it under the rug.