Since starting my Journey (Oct 2012) I feel I have come a long way .. i have dubbed 2013 the year for ME!
My real awakening came in January 2013 when I attended the MS weekend of recovery - finally meeting 25 other men willing to openly talk and heal together!
Since then, yes, there have been ups and downs - but I have remained steadfast in moving forward.
This coming week, for the first time - I will be sharing my entire story in group theraphy. It's a 15 week program and we are now at the story telling stage. Each of us gets an evening to tell our story.
The retrospective journey that I have taken looking back on over 40 years as I wrote things down was very difficult. To delv into the past in detail was a really difficult process. In every sentence I analyized everything as an adult and at times questioned myself during the process.
I have shared the written version with two close friends (survivors) with positive reactions from each, which makes me feel better. But, Tuesday night will tell the story when I get up in front of my group and hear their feedback afterwards.
Needless to say, I'm hoping for the best and that this release moves me forward in my healing process.
My Story :