I have made peace with all of this the passing of my mother & father over the past 3 weeks . I do stand on the word of God . It is more than just saying it but to live it out .
If i believe the good book than i must respond in the the same manner . There is more than just believing the word i must have faith Gods will is best

i know they are both absent from the body & are present with The Lord . So am i sad yes but i rejoyce knowing that my faith is being strengthend through this whole journey .

I have no unforgiveness in my heart it is a waste of time & energy . Staying mad takes more out of me than forgiving and moving on .

To much stress and in our humaness we All make mistakes it is not my duty to hold them under such high standards as if do not fall myself as if i do not make mistakes . Because when i do i want forgiveness i want 2 nd chances and sometimes even 3 rd and 4th chances cause i do not get it right all the time .

I am sad cause I can not talk to them or see them but i am a believer they are believers therefor i have to have peace about this .

Thank you for ALL the encouraging words
Video of me telling my story
you are not alone never were
Why i hate Religion but love Jesus