Wake up to find out my dad just passed this morning . I did not know Him that well I've only met him a handful of times. Due to the fact that my mother lied to me about knowing his whereabouts Because he was married and had kids. So she just told me she didn't know who my father was for years. She told me in my early 20s that she thought his name was-------- . FlashForward to 2008 I am sitting on my couch flipping through the TV channels and I see a picture come on the screen and this guy looks exactly like me, The newscast goes on to say they are looking for new leads into the death of this man some 10 years ago. Looking for fresh leads his name is the same name my mother had said my Father's name was. I thought this is my dad no way

I contacted the detective she informed me that this was a junior and that the senior was still living and that's all the information she could give me. I got a hold of this guy turns out it was my father the guy on the screen was my brother who had been murdered .

The day i met him he talked to my mother on the phone my mother talk to him as if they just met yesterday recalling all of the times they shared. Boy was I pissed my mom had lied all these years only to keep my fathers married life intact.

I couldn't make this stuff up

my whole life all I wanted was to see what my father looked like God blessed me with the opportunity to do that.
As many of you know I have a history of writing & sharing what i write even on this site while visiting with my dad he asked me what my hobbies were and when I told him I love to write his eyes lit up he grabbed my hand took me to a room and showed me Stacks upon stacks upon stacks of notebooks filled with his writing and poetry. I had always wondered where I got that from. And what is really freaky his writings are almost a mirror image of mine.
I went on to meet him a couple more times and just recently two weeks ago to inform him my mother had just suddenly passed.

So I got to visit with him one last time and got to know my other brother a little bit better this sucks but this too is the day the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it.

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