here's my quick story:

47yo male, 2x divorced, been in recovery from alcohol for almost 4 years. I knew something wasn't adding up, but i never could figure it out. Well, talking to my GF about the abuse she suffered as a child, and her recovery from it (she's also sober), it just blasted out of my mouth that i was sexually abused as a child! That stuff was buried so deep, i haven't thought about it in 35 years. It wasn't a family member that did it, so i guess it was easier to bury?

Well anyway, i've been going to a therapist i've known for almost 24 years (she got me off crack almost 24 yrs ago), so we've worked on it a couple sessions, i admitted to her and my GF that i experimented with homosexuality when i was a late teen, i was confused but didn't know why. Then i googled it, and WOW, was blown away, saw so many things that were adversely affected by the abuse, i really had no idea, but it drastically altered the course of my life.

So will be continuing to work on this issue, i'll be here reading and learning a lot. If nothing else, it gives me another platform to help others, recovery from alcohol (and drugs) has been a great platform, now i have another.