Libido aside ::rolling eyes at Pero:: haven't posted in a while as I'm now on monthly draws. Next one (+ results) Tues. Meanwhile:

Apparently the combination of new meds and lotsa yardwork the past month is making a diff in my GOOD BMI (read, muscle). My rather large massage therapist (who's trained for probably 30 years) noticed yesterday. I was concerned about lypodystrophy at the outset a few months ago and asked him to let me know about any body changes he noticed.

He's noticed a diff in my arms and chest and he's not one to be patronizing (i.e., "Are the shingles scars permanent?" "Yes, probably" and so on). It seems the muscle is coming back (I've gained 8 lbs. and have man tits again!). I thought I'd noticed, too, but it's good to have another opinion.

His words were to the effect, mygawd, you're becoming become BUTCH! I looked at him quizzically and he said something like, oh, I guess that's too much to hope for. LOLOLOL....