What can I say to that? How does one respond to the bullseye shot? In high school I lived inside of a plastic Luke. I proudly fought gay-straight alliance and acted brave. I had quite a few 'fag hags' lots of curious straight boys secretly friended me. Some timid gays and some real cool dudes that never wanted to talk about it. But would defend me if a homo joke was ever cracked. I was like the life of the party. I over exerted myself to be the one cool dude everyone just had to meet before the week was up. New dudes came to school and word went quick that I was both gay and cool. I guess you could say on the outter part of plastic Luke. I was popular. But inside I knew I was fake about it all.

At the Community College now, popular dudes don't seem to matter. Maybe if I make it to University it willl probably be a popular issue again. But I've always felt the things u described