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.... there are those who accept DID as a diagnosis who don't believe Dr. Ross is a credible source.

I'd really like to hear your response. I won't be offended. If you don't want to say it publically, then PM me.


I'm not sure what you are asking and I'm really not an expert on it. I just know that there are people who feel Dr. Ross manufactures memories ( http://www.examiner.com/article/real-lif...ged-malpractice ). Some of those people discount DID entirely because of that, but not everyone does (or at least I figured that was true, maybe I am wrong about that last part). But I'm not trying to pass judgment on him one way or another, just pointing out that there are those with hesitations. If I am overestimating the number of people who have hesitations but who believe in DID regardless, then that is just my own limited knowledge of the topic. I know what I've read makes me question his approach, but not the fact that I have DID. But maybe I am the only one who takes that view.
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