Thanks everyone for the comments.

She's been running around telling everyone I am just sick and have mental issues and need to blame it on someone, yes I have mental issues but not one of the issues don't go straight back to my experiences with her.

I'm off to my GP tomorrow because I finally opened up to my wife about my recent thoughts of self harm, I'm really struggling with nobody giving a crap and drawing the conclusion I am sick, even my no longer best friend claimed I just need to get over it (that's a whole nother story)

I've submitted the VIS now but I did add two extra paragraphs

I suffer from very low self esteem, low self confidence, anxiety in social situations; I am often distracted at work and have trouble communicating in the workplace. I avoid places where I may encounter this woman or her family and friends and will quickly vacate an area if I see them. My work takes me to an office in her town but I have avoided working in this office due to her daughter or nephew being students there, my wife and I frequently receive threats of violence from her daughter due to her not liking how we raise my daughter, I live in fear that one day her family or friends will be around the corner waiting for me so I avoid going down the street as much as possible.
I feel like I am not a part of normal human society.

I panic every time my daughter goes to stay at her mothers, I fear she or her friends will be provided with drugs and alcohol or they will be molested by one of her mothers friends, I am afraid that my daughter will take teenage boys there and the same thing will happen to them.

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