Hello Irregular. Glad to hear you stood up for yourself. Keep at it.

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Also, I talked to a friend about this guy. Apparently, he's been known to call a couple of other guys, "honey" as well. Also, the touching was also seen before, although not to the extent to which he took it in my case.

Yeah, when you have a guy like him who's in a position of petty power you can pretty much guarantee he's not just a dick to one person. He's probably an asshole to everyone to whom he feels like he can get away with it. If you keep bringing up his behavior to coworkers, I'm fairly certain you'll hear similar stories out of others as well. Perhaps if you can find a few other people who have the same problem with him, you'll increase the chances something can ultimately be done about his behavior.

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Anyways, the other positive thing about today was I came out to this friend about my CSA (2nd person I ever told about it). She was completely supportive and understanding.

I've always had a better experience telling chick friends about my CSA than guy friends. Women are just better listeners and are naturally more caring and nurturing. Guys are more likely to get uncomfortable and to not know what to say. Guys are more likely to come across as unsupportive when in some cases they just don't have the emotional tools to deal with a sensitive situation. That is a generality, of course, but does generally tend to be true.

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It's weird. A couple of days ago, I was sure I wasn't capable of this. Actually saying "No". I mean, yeah, I didn't say "No" today, I said "I can't".

"I can't" is fine. That's it. That's all you need to say. In fact, that may be better than saying "no" forcefully. This is your work place after all and it's always best to be as diplomatic as possible, even when standing up for yourself. That doesn't mean you're not standing up for yourself, it just means you're playing work place politics, which we all have to do. Thanks for keeping us posted. Peace,