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...If it was legally possible I would want a photo from then - .... A photo, even just an early one of dad making my brother and I expose and touch ourselves or each other while he takes pictures there in the family room would be the nail in Dad's otherwise pristine coffin - when he died everyone thought he was a great man.....one nail in his clean coffin....
I have some photos of me and I have seen photos of me on the net. That said I do not want to see them anymore. I know i was in magazines, photo shoots and videos and I'm sure that they are all on the net. The only video I ever saw of myself was when those movie people wanted to stress to me that I should be a good boy and listen to everything they said for me to do. They showed me a movie of me having a rod shoved up may ass and turned on. I can feel and see the electric till today going through my body and me screaming in pain. And yes I listened to them from then on and I was a very good boy frown.

I think that you can without seeing pictures like that put those nails in his coffin. Your brother might not remember just like I don't remember anything that happened to me before the age of 10.

It happened and if there are pictures they are on the internet. I feel very sorry that you had to go through that. This thread is important because we were used and we shouldn't hide from that fact.

Peace, Rainbows, Love & Healing
Stick around, It will get better....