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I have to admit even in my own mind when I think about perps I rarely think about them being female.

Yeah, neither do I even, and my abusers were mostly female!!!! How fucked is that?

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Note the reader's poll showing that 49% of respondants disagree that female teachers should be punished as harshly as male teachers who have sex with students.

Why am I not surprised by that? I'll bet if you ask a lot of those same people how they feel about male sex offenders in the exact same set of circumstances, they'll tell you that no death would be slow and painful enough to be adequate punishment for him. When it's a chick, "Aww shucks! She sound's kinda cool!"

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While only ten percent of those teachers were women, female teachers who have slept with (note the use of "slept with" instead of "molested") their students receive the lion's share of media attention.

Yeah, because female on male sex abuse news stories are "sexy." The media loves a "sexy" news story, don't they? Ugh! mad

I'm off this topic for now. This is making me want to go burn something to the ground. mad Peace,