My mother passed away last week, and we buried her on Friday. A funeral I had dreaded for many years turned out to be a beautiful and moving expression of recovery and transformation for me, a son she molested for far too long, for other family members and friends who had all severed ties with her, for another victim of hers (a childhood friend of mine now in his 50s whom she 'touched inappropriately' on occasion), and for my sister, who tried for many years unsuccessfully to maintain a healthy relationship. All that pain we shoveled into the ground and offered up in our prayers on behalf of a sad and tragic woman who had been abused herself by a violent mother and could never sort out her own fantasies from the realities of the world. I buried her and much of my own anger and pain last week, finally giving her a love I could express truly and simply, having denied her for decades a 'love' for which she had no right.

Haven't posted for awhile, but Male Survivor is never too far, and I am grateful to you for helping me get here.