Hi guys. Thanks for all your encouraging words. I wanted to sit down and write out a good response to some of the feedback I've gotten tonight but I'm afraid it will have to wait until tomorrow or Friday night. I've gotten kind of bogged down with some things and now I have to crash so I can get up early tomorrow.

Oh, and having reread my initial post to this thread again, maybe it wasn't as bad as I thought. I was in a pretty horrible state of mind after writing and posting it and that may have been affecting the way I felt about it. That said, there are times when I write a post and feel really good about it afterwards. I still don't feel great about that one though. I still feel kind of like my thoughts in that post were a "tangled ball of wires", even if people were able to untangle them and make sense of them. Maybe I am just being overly self-critical. It's just that I have all these thoughts and emotions over this topic that have been buried in my head for 18 years and when I let them out, I wanted to do it a certain way. I just feel like I missed my mark somehow.

Damn it! I'm letting this get long-winded anyhow, when I promised myself I wouldn't. I have to go to bed. I'll write a more appropriate response to your replies soon. Thanks guys. Peace,