The look of incredulity on a person's face when you discuss female perps. I have to admit even in my own mind when I think about perps I rarely think about them being female. The reality is they are out there, they are not rare, and they have just as negative an impact on their victim's life as a male abuser. Your post is so true. I go on a site called and stories of teacher student abuse occur from time to time. Somebody a long while back came up with the following description of the general mindset of people towards said abuse

Male Teacher to Male Student: DO NOT WANT

Male Teacher to Female Student: Abuse of authority, string him up, death is too good!

Female Teacher to Male Student: Good for him I wish I had teachers like that when I was his age

Female Teacher to Female Student: OH MY GAWD SO HOT!!1!

Users regularly post this chart as a criticism of the general mindset in this country. However, the fact remains female perps enjoy way too much protection from these stereotypes and their male victims too little support from the people who buy into them.
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