Hey Will,
great that you are making progress with your healing.
I can imagine face of your T then you told her about your fellow survivor, lol. It must be some shock for her. You know many survivors would need a lot of help and preparation for such contact and talk.

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I told my T that the perp performed a virtual castration and lobotomy on me to protect his own ego and control needs. She just about fell out of her chair and said it was a very Intersting and valid metaphor. She wanted to see where I went with it. She reminded me of the accomplishments I made afterward...that I recovered what he took that summer. She's right. I came back to conquer ADHD, sports, mountains, high school, college, career.

I hope the son of a bitch doesn't think that 13 year-old kid was out for the count. Then again, does it even fucking matter what he thinks?


Very insightful observation. It is good that your T checked where you are at present comparing to back than and those lobotomy times. And you really have reasons to be proud on self and you accomplishments.

No, it is not all important what he thought back than, I wonder did he at all saw real you if I may say that.
You know I sometimes wonder if abusive people are capable of thinking about victims at all. They are in constant search for spots of weakness around them, it is fast panic kind of life made of short glimpses of some deeper consciousness selfishly pointed to own importance. There is not much space left for others. You are much bigger than that, you were back than many years ago and now difference is even much wider...

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