all they will see is me not doing anything, just standing there.
I feel like I let the opportunity slip. Things would be different if I pushed him off (or at least tried to)....

If I complain and HR asks me, "After getting out of the elevator, you were seen walking with him. It doesn't seem like you didn't have any problem." I have no answer to that.

The same question would be raised about his other comments, "Why didn't you report it right away?"

Does the above quote of yours remind you of anything?

Look at this statement in complete isolation. Could I not paste this into the transcript of a 10-yo being interviewed by Mom, Police, School Staff...?

Don't put any of this on YOU, and I see you did not by use of words, but i see it in your conclusions. YOU are not obligated to behave as a macho dude without fear (fear for ANY reason). HE is obligated to behave as a Supervisor in America. Thus, his behavior as a Super is subject to HR scrutiny and civil court...though he has crossed the line over to criminal assault by any state's measure.

If Mike Tyson were your Super, would you be writing these statements or something like "...clearly, I can't push-back or get in his face...this guy is known to eat people after beating them to near death." Again, you are under NO obligation in this nation to respond with someone else's idea of "manly behavior."

Now, no one wants to go into opening a civil case or filing a criminal complaint. These things almost always turn to shit and you will be the only one to receive it.

This turd is illustrating things to you. He's illustrating his complete desired dominance over you and as said here before, knows no boundaries. He probably speaks a language unlike your's. "Moron," or the "Fucktard Moron" dialect require careful use of words, body-language, timing and innuendo.

Turds of this nature rarely respond well to a quiet, side-bar conversation in private. They may, as you suspect, take whatever you give him in information and twist it into a weapon. He MAY do that.

DO NOT EXPECT HIM TO BE OTHER THAN WHAT HE IS! I had to learn this in dealing with my Father first, and many others later. Its a rule I try to live by and it NEVER fails me to be true!

Has he ever displayed care or reasonable compassion for anyone (especially you)? Has he ever displayed being considerate of any other human other than those with power over him? If YES, you have hope with him. If NO, then you might speak his language in a safe, informal confrontation of his personality and Moron Culture.

I've told no-boundary people like this "hay bro...you know...you gotta stop this shit. My father beat the holy fuck outta me all my life...so it kinda reminds me of that." True or not, its something many Morons can identify with. If he chooses to escalate and twist it into a weapon, I'd go to HR and remain consistent with your story.

I had to hold a private side-bar at least once where I actually cried in front of the Bully-Moron. He was a special breed of Moron and actually left me alone from then-on.

I don't know if any of this is helpful, but its all I have to offer on this. But I truly feel for you and think I know exactly what its doing to you.

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