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Since I started exposure therapy to reduce the effects of PTSD type 2, I noticed that the amnesia, that clouds the memories of my childhood, starts to spread into 'normal' day to day life.

Sometimes I even forget what is said right after someone tells me something.
Does anyone experience something similar while in active therapy?


I have experienced several different types of amnesia. One of them I have called magic slate amnesia. I experience this when I'm changing venues or events. It's like that child's toy the magic slate, where you lift up the outer plastic sheet and the writing beneath disappears.


I'm sure this type of amnesia started for me I was 4. The "neighbor" cared (? eek ) for me overnight and then I came home on Sunday. As soon as I stepped through the door of our house, I "forgot" everything that happened in perp's house.

The most important type of amnesia is the long-term one I used to cover the memories of abuse I experienced. That kind of amnesia started breaking up when I was in my mid forties. Then I remembered lots of abusive events and it really rocked my boat. Amnesia was a protective mechanism, but it had to pass before I could start overcoming the effects of the abuse.

As an adult I couldn't remember most of my childhood. I only remembered several scattered spots, like islands in the South Pacific. When I started therapy and remembered the abusive events, this amnesia also cleared.

I have a social amnesia. I have trouble remembering events and names of people. I think it's because I still feel socially ill-at-ease with people. I was socially shunned in middle school and became very depressed.

After EMDR therapy I had lot's of loose memory connections. I think it's because the EMDR actually connected certain brain circuits and left others stranded. These are slowly becoming reconnected as time goes on.


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