Hi, Irreg-
Your HR said... "Come on, man. Let's go!"....?
Sooooo.... go with the story you just shared. Your supervisor is obviously way out of bounds and needs a good reality check. As does his superiors. The terminology of
- being called "honey",
- hearing the phrase anywhere, let alone at work of "can I abuse you?"
- the fact that he TOUCHED you in the elevator after showing you how to "throw a punch"
...seems not only loaded with inappropriate sexual innuendos but also peppered with subtle physical violence.

These are a given.
1- he's a jerk and a half
2- as supervisor, he has placed his company at risk
3- as the employee, you have been made to feel intentionally unsafe
4- his behavior is not your problem- its the COMPANY's problem
5- the company can give you relief
6- he won't stop on his own because he wants control

In my experience, this has nothing to do with you being more masculine or younger or anything else. I view him as a predator who has found someone of a different spirit. If I were guessing, I would say you are generally a nice, polite man who hesitates to be rude or embarrass someone else. And he has picked up on that.

Not so long ago, I received some attention that was inappropriate in a professional setting as well. I listened to my instincts on this one. I received "predatory style" texts. I came to MS and shared and the guys here suggested I wait to see if more came. Guess what? They arrived four weeks later. I am waiting for one more, in silence because this individual was told she crossed my boundaries. If this "one more arrives", I will have her job, I will visit her superior, I will file a complaint with her licensing board. Listen to the advice you pick up here. These guys are wise because of experience. And make a list, make it direct, make an appointment to chat with HR, and let them know that you expect the matter to be taken care of. Then when the next harassment takes place, things are in motion to dispose of this jerky individual.

Don't blame yourself for this guy's behavior.... like everyone has already said... we have been there. My best to you.
For now we see through a glass, darkly.