I listen to a lot of sports talk radio, and this story has been a pretty hot topic of discussion on those stations of late. Most of the hosts and callers are glad the guy was fired and think he was a real jerk. There are a few idiots though. You know, people who say shit like, "There was a day when it was good to be a 'tough coach', and this was just the proper way to motivate young men! This is just another example of the pussification of America! Blah, blah, blah!" Bologna.

Listening to this topic being discussed frustrated me for another reason though. A lot of the hosts and the callers that opposed Mr. Rice kept saying that they didn't agree with his "tactics" or his "methods" or his "coaching style". The fact of the matter is, the kinds of things he was doing and saying to his players weren't even coaching "methods" or "tactics". He was just being an abusive asshole. He has a rage problem and he was using his position as a coach to make his players the target of his rage. Firing basketballs at players heads, screaming pejoratives like "faggot" at them and putting your hands on them in anger is not/are not coaching tactics. Those aren't coaching tactics any more than a pedophile coach molesting their players is a coaching tactic. It was just another example of a d-bag who was using his position of power to abuse others in some way and was getting away with it. I almost called into a local sports talk station the other day to make that very point but being on the radio makes me nervous, so I didn't. Oh well.Peace,