Guess the title says it all.

I just never liked chicks like that. It's internal markers. Either I like dudes only or I like chicks only. Or I'm bisexual and I like them both. I always like dudes. So if csa made me like that then every gay or bisexual dude had csa in my mind. Cause that's a definition to my homosexuality. That's the same as just saying we all had dudes molest us. Not so.

Sure I was forced into sex as young as ten years old. But when it came to sexual identity. I always knew I liked dudes. It's never was a question to me. I told my mom when I was fourteen that I was gay. I dared her to say anything good or bad about it. She didn't say anything. I even bought dudes home. I just knew I was and accepted it. Course I didn't really have a reason to hide it or struggle to accept it. My csa was very much known to her. So I just didn't bother hiding it at home or school. They actually had a good gay-straight alliance program there. And mostkkids at my school were cool with it.

Lots ended up at my house anyway.

I'm rambling. The bottom line was that I don't believe I was made gay by my csa at all. I just know for me that it's in my genes. I knew it there and then and never once struggled to accept it. Gay programs in schools are priceless. Every school should have them.