I got out of hospital a few days ago and then there’s this girl at some barbecue who says something like: "I‘ve heard you had a breakdown and you were in hospital, huh? well, that’s really interesting, I like people like that."
I mean INTERESTING??? and what kind of man am I in her eyes?? some messed-up, insane person, or what does she want me to be?
so I get angry and tell her what I think of that and she just looks at me like "I have to be patient with him, he‘s not quite right in the head.." and says nothing. probably made me even more interesting. like the fucking stereotyped characters in the books she reads. finally there’s a bit of drama in her boring life, she talked to someone who was hospitalized, wow, would you believe that? how exciting..
omg, I could have killed her! she knows NOTHING of what it feels like. can you imagine someone to be SO STUPID?
If we're not entirely ourselves, truly in this present moment, we'll miss everything.