I just paid $5 on Fiverr for advice about this. I'm going to paste the very message here, for I do need support. Alone....doesn't really work for me. Thanks, all of you, for sharing your thoughts.

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I'm doing too much mentally, not taking care of myself (too much coffee, little sleep), and am doing little in real life for business. These concerns focus on money making ideas, I'm seeking advice and real direction, for these have real possibilities if followed correctly.

I've purchased LeadNetPro (LNP), a product which pulls business names, addresses, emails, and numbers from Google, Yahoo, Craigslist, Backpage, YellowBook, and Merchant Circle. I can sell LNP by itself ($300 commission) through email marketing, but I've not followed through with it due to FEAR--of people, and rejection. I bought into a LNP team which gave me email followups, but I'm very new to being "out there". I'm normally introverted. I've not seen myself as successful in this. (I do have audios of Think and Grow Rich, and Rich Dad, Poor Dad--listening to the latter at this moment).

I could also use LNP to advertise for other businesses using phone broadcasting and postcards.......but fear of rejection has stopped me. However, advertising was a main motivation for me purchasing LNP.

While researching others using LNP, I learned about flipping real estate (Ron LeGrand, a real estate success and teacher, sells his leads and I've purchased small real estate info items lately, all of $6).

Since learning about real estate, I've email subscribed to a team which would pay me $10,000 for each house FOUND which they approve. Nothing else required of me, just finding houses. However, it'd take me $1,000 to get into this, which they'd refund with my first find. I know two men I could probably borrow money from, as I'd offer an extra $1000 back as an incentive. I've not moved on this (it's only been 3 days) since I'm seeing myself fumbling in front of them.

If I went the real estate way, I'd spend $3000 of my first sale on Ron LeGrand's real estate seminar, for in his own words, training is at the core of one's success. Overload (which I'm doing) has profited me nothing.

I would/could use LNP to market myself in real estate, as it has an effective phone broadcasting system, and this appeals to me.

As I've shown, I'm all ideas, and am not having success in anything since I'm not moving. No movement means no failure, which is lying saying "I'm safe".

Besides prayer for support, I've purchased and am using a computer program which flashes messages subliminally. I'm running "Overcome Fear of Failure", "Persevere--Never Give Up", and "Stop Procrastinating" right now, which may have sparked this Fiverr purchase.

What small, manageable steps might I take? I'd do this while not at my 25 hr/week job. I'm seeking help/support/advice. .........I need others with me here.

Thank you TREMENDOUSLY for your help.

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