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LOL...I've learned over the years to graciously accept and make the appropriate positive fuss over the gifts he and his various siblings brought to Daddy's "nest" (my bed <ugh>)...birds, snakes, lizards, mice, etc.

His sister Lucy never quite got the hang of it. With the same fanfare she'd proudly bring in...leaves.

Are our kittehs related?

Purhapz. Mine have never been outside this apartment but will hunt anything they can indoors. Be that a moth, or the dot from a laser pointer, or my feet underneath the covers. The one on the left is Eowyn. She is by far the alpha cat. High-strung, aggressive and confident. The one on the right is her sister, (from the same litter), Arwen. She is much more docile. Both are very sweet and very affectionate though. Especially when you are eating something that they like the smell of.