I'm real happy that your family believed you and put a stop to it. I like you so much. This is what families should do. Even if it stays in the family and never gets the legal attention it deserves. At least putting and end to the abuse is the start

Im confused about this one thing. I'm so scared reading and actually talking/typing about this stuff. But you are so confident in what you wrote. I'm a coward I suppose. You know it was never anything wrong you did. I think about everything they did. And I always think I did something to make them even want to do what they did to me. Like was my clothes to tight. Did I not wear a shirt. Did I switch while walking. Did I smile too much. The reasons I went through it are endless in my mind. When I heard that I did nothing to ask for it or deserve it. It makes too much emotions I can't really face try to rise. I'd rather have a reason in my mind for it to happen to me than no reason at all. Hope I made sense.

Ttyl dude.