I'm up to 10 mg/day of the naltrexone. Didn't feel any real effects of it until therapy session today.

At the end of the session, Izzy came out and was hurting me, but then time was up and we had to go. I stood to collect my things, but then Izzy brought me back down onto my hands and knees. My T talked me up, and asked me if I wanted to sit in the other room to collect myself and if I wanted a cup of water. I replied, "Yes ma'am."

I have never said "yes ma'am" to her before. And also, she's never engaged my child self in the sessions, only me and Izzy. So I've never had the opportunity to say "yes ma'am" to her because only my child self would say that.

So there in her office, Izzy presented himself and shut my adult self down, but my time was up and I had to go, so my child self picked me up and walked me out into the next office, where my T brought me some water. I wouldn't have known the difference if it wasn't for the "yes ma'am."

I think the naltrexone is making Izzy more powerful. But I don't fear it. I am becoming him, whatever that means.


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I'll be just fine and dandy
Lord, it's like a hard candy Christmas
I'm barely getting through tomorrow
But I won't let sorrow get me way down.