Thanks Sam! I used to post here very frequently around 2008-2010 when I was in therapy the most. I come back every now and then when things get crazy and I start to feel beaten down because it's a good place to vent to other people who more or less understand what's going on with me.

Jude, if you don't mind me asking, how does CBT work? I had a friend who also had HOCD and did CBT, and he also found it extremely helpful. My only experience was with EMDR, but that is more of a trauma therapy I think.

Bradley P, I am so sorry I forgot to mention this before, but have you checked out the neurotic planet forum about HOCD? I have to warn you, as most posters on there have some form of OCD, there are a lot of people who are over there triggering each other accidentally, but I did find a lot of good information and some support over there. They have forums for all different kinds of things, but for HOCD, there is a sexual obsession and compulsions forum where that is one of the main topics. Their web address is