I haven't been posting for ages and I return with sad news.

After years of loving and supporting my precious husband and having what I percieved to be the breakthrough of a life time, he has left us.

He has chosen a life on his own and has returned to his lies and deception but even worse than before. The wounded broken man has abandoned his children. He still wants to see them but does not contribute to their financial needs. He knows my salary is insificiant yet he claims poverty. The court has ordered he takes responsibility and he has ignored this completely.

Friends have told me that he is constently out, living the high life, while his little ones have less than they deserve, most of the time I can only feed them half portions and I go without. I haven't told anyone how bad it really is.

I am broken, they already hate him and I try to tell them he is doing his best. So I have become the liar. Some days I feel there is no hope or help and even consider taking my life. Its just so hard. When you have put everything possible into saving someone you love so deeply and they turn around and pull the gun on you and inocent babies.

Why didn't I fall in love with a real man, with real values, morals, a heart? Why can I not be loved the way I loved him? What did his children ever do to deserve to be tossed in a landfil?

Husbands love your wives, be valnerable with them
Wives love yourselves and your children first.

The perps didn't just take his childhood. They took my marriage and my beautiful Angels childhood as well.

A defeated woman, no longer a wife, barely a mother