So my H recently let his buddy move into our basement. I told him that I didn't want him living there but H is so afraid of confrontation he didn't tell his friend no. H thinks he is helping him out. Haha that's rich his buddy is a vet with ptsd and a drug problem. So now I have two toxic self destructive men in my house. It hurts to watch H chose people who exploit him. His friend is just using our house as a free place to hang while he drinks and pops pills.
its been hard trying to sleep at night knowing there is an emotionally distressed vet who is high on god knows what in my basement. I keep nagging H to tell him he can't stay but nothing happens. I hate being in my house. I hate the vibe there I can't ever relax because I never know when he is coming or going. When H spends time with him he gets dark and depressed. The two of them just feed off each others negativity.
So I woke up at 3am and told H I couldn't stand living like this. I've been driving around in my car and was just noticing how much more relaxed I feel once I get away from the two of them. They are both so draining. I really don't want to stay at my house while this dude is living there. But it pisses me off because it is my house and I shouldn't be the one that has to leave. I'm so angry at H that I don't even want to be around him. Why can't he just grow the f&^k up already and put his family before his drinking buddies. This dude is manipulating him and H is eating it up with both hands. It disgusts me.
Everything comes from within