So I've been considering this question lately (some of you might have read my previous posts about moving on from my survivor which has been terribly difficult).

I think I've read nearly every single post on the F&F forum and I've noticed that A LOT of women who frequent this forum describe their survivor as "the one", their "soul mate", their "kindred spirit". And I wonder, is that because all the women on here who have stayed and fought have done so because their survivor is in fact their 'true love', otherwise they would not be on here in the first place?

Alternatively, I have been thinking that maybe due to the nature of relationships with survivors, we are convinced they are "the one" because everything is so damn INTENSE! The lows are VERY low, which makes the highs ever so high. And this extreme dichotomy is not really experienced in relationships with non-survivors. In a way, I think it becomes addictive.... Just a thought.

I think another aspect that furthers our thinking that our survivor is our 'true love' is that we get this massive sense of purpose to our lives, as though we were meant to meet this person for a reason and if we are the only ones (or first ones) they disclose to then we must have been 'sent to them by a higher power'.

Would love to hear others comment on this concept of their survivor being their "true love".