Hi everyone,

I am looking for erotic romance novels for men. Obviously, since I am here I do not have a very good history with sex. Recently through therapy I discovered what healthy sex would look like for me. It is something that would make me feel safe, something that reaffirms the humanity in myself and the woman I am with and something that would produce pleasure within these parameters. I want to be able to give myself some experiences with sex in this way. I think it would be so beautifully healing for me to be able to experience sex that is about showing the other person how much you care about them and how special they are to you.

Right now, I really don't want to look for a relationship. I want to get to a point where I can learn to provide my own happiness before I look for one. I want learn to exude positive energy before I look for one. I want to learn to really be at peace with myself before I look for one, and even to feel really good about myself first. I also want to feel like while one of my life goals is to be a great boyfriend and eventually a fantastic husband and an amazing father I don't want to feel it is so important that some people might view it as desperate. I want to feel great about myself outside of one before opening myself up to the possibility of a new relationship entering my life.

However, even though I don't want to be open to the possibility of a new relationship entering my life right now I do want to give myself some experiences with sex that are about two people showing how much they care for one another, and how special they are to each other. That is why I would like to find some erotic romance novels for men. It seems to be the best way to give myself a connection with sex in this way outside of a relationship, and it could take the place of porn which obviously has very limited images of sex in that has anything to do with expression of care for another.

So, what I'm looking for when I say erotic romance novels for men are novels in this genre that are written for a male audience. It would also be really nice to find something sexual that tells stories of people really using sex as an expression of their love for another, while it sends messages that a man like me who is not ugly but does not look like a male supermodel nor will he ever can be just as worthy of a loving amazing relationship with a woman whom he loves dearly as men who are ripped and have next to no body fat, and that he can be the one who turns his girl's head more than any other guy.

Anyway, the question is if anybody has any idea of where to find material like this any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.