Heavy, heavy, heavy TRIGGERS

I give you, the dialogue from THAT SCENE, from Todd Solondz' "Happiness"


What the dialogue doesn't capture is that the boy then bursts out into tears of pure shock and misery and you expect the scene to be over... but it's not. He cries and cries and cries for what is probably about 90 seconds and feels like a lifetime. And of COURSE his dad can't hug him to comfort him - that's the whole point!

When some friends of mine and I watched this in college, two people excused themselves during the movie to call home and check on their kid brothers. No lie, it's that calmly, banally evil and shocking.

SEE ALSO: "Parents," where a little boy discovers his parents are cannibals who have been eating their neighbors. He is safe... but trapped. And that's more or less the movie. Heavy heavy perp metaphors and "secrets."
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